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When you purchase a kasahorow book, you automatically become a member of the Luganda kasahorow Reading Club.

Get any of the following kasahorow dictionaries at your nearest library or bookshop.

  1. Modern Luganda Verbs - 50+ entries: Conjugate Luganda Verbs
  2. My First Luganda Counting Book: English-Luganda - 50+ entries: Let's count 1 2 3!
  3. A calendar planner in Luganda and English - 58+ entries: Modern Luganda
  4. Luganda Children's Dictionary - 1+ entries: Learn Luganda together
  5. Modern Luganda - 2+ entries: A concise introduction to the Luganda language

For libraries, bookshops, and partners

How do I add Modern Luganda dictionaries to my catalogue?

Send an email to Afia Osei ( and describe how many Modern Luganda dictionaries you want to order, and how frequently you want kasahorow to replenish your catalogue. You will receive a quote for the initial batch of dictionaries and any subsequent replenishment.

You may also request specific bilingual dictionaries to be made for your needs:

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